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We would like to welcome you to our 20th anniversary celebration of Sri Ksetra parikrama which will be celebrated from the 29th November to 2nd of December, 2023.

Throughout the year various groups of devotees from different parts of the world visit Puri dham in the name of Puri parikrama or Yatra. During their visit they go to different temples while performing Harinama sankirtan and also engage in hearing the different pastimes of the Lord. Parikrama literally means circumambulation. Puri parikrama means circumambulating puri dham.


In this sense just visiting Puri to take darshan of the different temples cannot be called Puri parikrama. Puri parikrama means circumambulating Puri dham. The shastra encourages devotees to circumambulate Puri dham, Sanka kñetra on this day as  per the specific tithi. According to scriptures one should do parikrama of Puri dham on this specific tithi to get the full result of Puri parikrama.

Puri dham is also known as Sankha ksetra as its form is in the shape of a conch shell. This puri parikrama is known therefore as Sankha ksetra parikrama or Sri Ksetra parikrama. The path is approximately twenty one kilometers, about the same distance as the circumambulation of Govardhan Hill. This Sri Ksetra parikrama tithi falls on panchami tithi, four days after Kartik or rasa purnima.

Devotees gather two days before parikrama day. On First two days devotees will visit all the major places of pastimes of Lord
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. On the last day devotees will circumambulate the whole Puri ksetra.


Parikrama Schedule

29th November

Arrival of devotees at ISKCON, Bhakti
Kutir, Swargadwar, Puri. Inaugral Program at 4pm at sea beach, followed by Mahasagar Arati

1st December

Visiting different pastime places of Lord
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and hearing
Jagannath katha.

30th November

Visiting more places of Lord
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and hearing
Jagannath katha.

2nd December

A transcendental 21 km Parikrama of Sri Ksetra Puri Dham. 

Tamil & English Group

Location: Chaitanya Math

Shuddha Siddha prabhu- 9232253602

Bengali Group

Location: Purushottam Gaudiya Math

Jiveshwar Gopesh prabhu- 8335902936

Hindi Group

Location: Gopinath Hotel

Subahu Prabhu – 9434140178

Oriya Group

Location: Nigamananda Ashram

Hema Hari Prabhu – 9040333556

Higlights of Sri Ksetra Parikrama

Ocean bathing

Jagannath Prasad

Visiting various pastimes places

Circumambulating Sri Ksetra

A great festival of chanting, hearing, dancing and taking Jagannatha prasadam

Get inspiration

2020 Virtual Sri Ksetra Parikrama

Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration end?

30th October,2023

When do the devotees arrive in Puri?

29th November,2023

How to reach puri from Bhubaneswar<br /> airport / puri station?

You can come by train directly to Puri or by air to Bhubaneswar and then by car or bus to Puri. From Bhubaneswar to Puri it is about 50km. For transport different vehicles are available from airport to puri

Do the devotees have to register?

Yes. Registration begins from 1st June 2023

What are the groups for Puri Parikrama?

Bengali, Odiya, Hindi, Tamil & English

When does the Srikñetra Parikrama start?

10th November evening at sea beach

How will weather be in puri during Parikrama days?1

The weather will be normal, not too hot
and not too cold. You may bring mild winter clothes for night and very early in the

Can I register on arrival to puri?

Yes. with extra charges, but no guarantee
for accommodation.

I can’t walk, what are other options for me?

You can ask help from your group leader
to manage rickshaw, auto or you may do so
yourself and they can follow behind
(rickshaw, auto or any vehicles charges
not included in registration)

Do we have medical help in parikrama?

Yes, please ask your group leader.

I would like to give donation, whom to contact?

You can donate online, by clicking here

Alternatively, you can contact:-

Bhakti Purusottama Swami
Email : bps[at]pamho.net
Mobile : +91 9434506434

As we are taking very nominal donation as
registration fee to enable as many as devotees
to be able to participate this parikrama
we need different sponsorship to cover
over all expenses of parikrama. We humbly
request all devotees to kindly come
forward to help us financially to make this
parikrama a grand success.

ANY QUestions?

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